The Third Shift

  1. Local news has to start not only changing with the times, but catching up with the times. We already have the information; tell us what it means. Give us reaction, perspective and expert analysis. To pull it off, quite frankly, they need smarter people. They need to stop hiring anchors who look the part but don’t understand or even care about the news they’re reading from the teleprompter.

    Larry Mendte could have advocated for all this while he was a lead anchor at KYW, but instead he was busy trying to get into (or got into) his co-anchor’s skirt and creeping her out and jealous enough over her salary that he went through her e-mail.  Also, I surmise the whole bit about not paying for anchor-bots is a swipe at his old colleagues. 

    I’ve never worked with these mythical anchor-bots who don’t know anything about what they read. I’m sure they exist; I just haven’t worked with one in any significant capacity. If you want more experts and expertise, Larry, here’s something you could push for: ask stations to pay for it, both in its on-set talent and the people behind the scenes.

    (via TVSpy.)