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  1. ESPN Columnist Writes Passive-Aggressive Chickenshit About Chris Kluwe


    Minnesota Vikings punter and friend of Deadspin Chris Kluwe has been struggling on the field lately, so much so that the Vikings worked out a few potential replacements last week. This isn’t a unique situation, as punters fall into slumps all the time, and are often cut in favor of one of the many able-bodied replacements that populate the waiver wire. 

    Kevin Seifert of ESPN, however, saw Kluwe’s struggles as an opportunity to write this piece of shit, in which he claims that Kluwe is a “fortunate NFL employee” (the use of “employee” in that headline is just oozing with smarm) for having not already been cut due to his propensity to focus his energy off of the football field. Now, if you want to make the assertion that Kluwe has been struggling because he spends too much time writing about and campaigning for equal rights for homosexuals, that’s fine. You’d be wrong, but you’d at least have a point to argue.

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    seriously, “piece of shit” isn’t strong enough for that Seifert piece. At least have the strength to follow through on your convictions instead of mealy-mouthing it.