The Third Shift

  1. assorted, paraphrased witticisms and stage banter from Greg Dulli.

    • During the opening to “Crime Scene Part One”: “Hey, you two — get the fuck away from each other. You go to that side, you go to that side. I will stop this song if there’s any fighting.”
    • "I’ve been in Portland for the last two days. I’ve been coming here for 25 years. I was at a Whole Foods in the Pearl [District] yesterday. There didn’t used to be a Whole Foods in the Pearl."
    • Before “Conjure Me”: This one goes back to the Satyricon days.” (Satyricon was a venerable, scuzzy rock club where everyone who was anyone in alt-rock in the late 80s-early 90s played — it was demolished two years ago.)
    • "I know you all have paid to see this because I’m a neurotic motherfucker. There’s a serious voyeurism thing going on here. That’s the show you want to see. I get that."
    • "Cully [Symington, drummer]: drop the big one on ‘em."
    • Before “When We Two Parted”: “If you’re with the one you love tonight, hold her close for this song and don’t let her go.” 
    •  ”Who the fuck fights during ‘Faded’?” (He then stopped the song, went down and confronted the guys, walked back on stage, and started again.)
    • During “Omerta”: “Brothers, does she love you? [Dudes: “Yeah, yeah, yeah!”] Sisters, does he love you? [Ladies: “Yeah, yeah, yeah!”] Well, sisters, if he doesn’t love you, come and meet me backstage!”

    (Did the best I could for accuracy from memory.)