The Third Shift

  1. the Afghan Whigs’ set list by recording.

    I can’t remember the exact order, so we’ll go by album:

    • Up In It: “Son of the South”
    • Congregation: “Conjure Me”
    • Gentlemen: “Gentlemen,” “Debonair,” “When We Two Parted,” “Fountain And Fairfax,” “What Jail Is Like”
    • Black Love: “Crime Scene Part One,” “My Enemy,” “Going To Town,” “Faded”
    • 1965: “Somethin’ Hot,” “Crazy,” “Uptown Again,” “66,” “Omerta,” “The Vampire Lanois”
    • Covers: “See But Don’t See,” “Lovecrimes”
    • Borrowed Bits From Other Songs: The Beatles’ “She Loves You” in “Omerta”; Prince’s “Purple Rain” in “Faded”

    "Somethin’ Hot," "Omerta," and "The Vampire Lanois" were the encore songs.

    I would have liked one more song from each of the first two albums, but it’s hard to quibble with that set list.