good things from yesterday’s election that aren’t the president being re-elected.

  • Maryland and Maine approved marriage equality for all, and it looks like Washington and Minnesota will keep their laws on the books. Wisconsin voted the first openly gay senator. Great night for GLBT folks and supporters.
  • Washington and Colorado approved limited marijuana legalization measures. Lot of conflict with the federal government probably ahead, but the fight against a stupid and needlessly expensive drug war has to start somewhere.
  • Dudes theorizing stupid shit about lady parts lost. That means you, Akin and Mourdock. Those two cost Republicans one Senate seat they should have flipped and a second they should have held on to.
  • Nate Silver was justified and schooled the old-school political pundits the same way he and other sabermetrics supporters have schooled old-school baseball writers.
  • Elizabeth Warren won!
  • "Is this just math you do to make Republicans feel better?" - Megyn Kelly to Karl Rove, after his prediction of a Romney landslide fell apart.
  • Obamacare stays! You won’t get thrown off insurance company rolls for pre-existing conditions!
  • There will be Supreme Court justices named that are less likely to overturn Roe v. Wade.
  • Nov 7
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