The Third Shift

  1. the sole negative about realizing I am in a relationship now.

    Just realized I’m going to need to increase the holiday gift budget a bit.  In previous relationships, we’d been dating long enough that gifts were obvious.

    You may play the tiniest violin for my wallet while I try and figure out what she would like, how much you reasonably spend when you’ve been dating two months, and whether it would be more appropriate to give it on the first or last night of Hanukkah. Not a complication, really, but as a wishy-washy half-Episcopalian who merely observes Christmas more as a secular sort of thing and was the worst half-Jew ever when I was younger, this is new-ish territory. (also, I think “wishy-washy” is probably implied in Episcopalian/Anglican Church membership.)

    I suspect I will be spending a Saturday morning at the Portland Saturday Market in order to find some nice but inexpensive art or jewelry along with all the other things I buy for family members there around this time of year.