Robert Bork Was a Terrible Human Being and No One Should Grieve His Passing - Gawker

Robert Bork defended poll taxes, racism, anti-gay bigotry, and fired special prosecutor Archibald Cox on the orders of President Nixon when the attorney general and deputy AG resigned rather than do so — so Cox could not subpoena Nixon’s secret recordings that proved the 37th President of the United States was a crook of the highest order.

Nixon & Bork’s gambit failed. The fact that Ronald Reagan later nominated the latter to be a Supreme Court justice negates nearly every positive of his two terms in office (and to me, there ain’t much.) I do not usually enjoy reading nasty obits, but I make exceptions for anyone involved in the administration of Richard Milhous Nixon, because as Hunter S. Thompson’s obit of the man at the top was titled: “HE WAS A CROOK.”

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