The Third Shift

  1. so long, 2012.

    The years get better as I age because I think I know more about what I’m doing.

    I’m slowly losing weight and eating better.

    I’ve had so many things to do with friends and so many obligations that I’ve felt burned out — which is better than sitting at home.

    I fell in love with two women this year. They share a first name. The first one; we didn’t work out. But the second, well…I hope the sky is the limit. I don’t think I’d be where I am with my girlfriend if I hadn’t learned from my ex. 

    I don’t think I’d be where I am with any of my friends this year if I hadn’t spent the past two or three years working through a lot of things and figuring out who I was and am. I can give my friends advice and help when they need it.

    The only things that were awful were some of the stories I had to write about and cover for my job.

    I still like my work, though.

    So 2012, thanks. You were damn good. 2013, you’ve a lot to live up to.

    Happy New Year.