who’s buying me tickets

This is literally the fake Coachella flyer I made up in 2008.

hey mark

take me


2 another time

a chiller time

i want 2 hear that bro from that band

play an acoustic version

of that song

i hope there is also one of those mongolian wok stations

I had to Google this to make sure it was real because I was sure I was being trolled, but no, this is a thing.

This feels like a “Teenaged Colin’s Poor Musical Choices” cruise, except I cannot fathom why Cracker is involved. Oh, David Lowery, I know selling out is not really a thing any more and I know musicians need to get paid and this is better than the state fair circuit, but…oof.

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    You know, I actually went to a Sugar Ray concert a few years ago. It was fun as hell!
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    It’s like the dark side of the 90s has come back to haunt me Only Psalm 69 can save us now!
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    Huh. So someone has finally invented a time machine.
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    lmao I feel like I traveled back in time
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    the spin doctors are pretty okay in concert I have one of their drumsticks
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    i am barely breathing and i can’t fiiiiiind the airrr (poor duncan sheik didn’t make it on this cruise tho) it’d be...
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    I want to go to there.
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    wait wait wait is this real ohmygod
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    Im literally cackling because Sarahs comment. and because of “Mark McGrath and Friends”..
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    I would get on this boat so fast you wouldn’t even see me.
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    omfg yes
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    this can’t be real
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    #every one of these bands is the actual worst They forgot to invite Nickleback and Creed.

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