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Taylor Swift's Tragic War Against Hipsters


Sady Doyle wrote about Swift’s insecurities about hipsters for BuzzFeed Music. I’m really happy with this piece! Sady is critical of Swift, but also very sensitive and humane. She really gets to the heart of why Swift’s neuroses are interesting and resonate with soooooo many people.

This is interesting because it’s pretty much Kafka writ large, at least the conclusion Doyle draws about Swift from her music. To paraphrase Wallace (again!): the whole idea that Kafka posed about a human struggle — evident in his short stories — was that the struggle to discover who we are is really who we are all along. So when Doyle writes about Swift musically hammering “Let me in!” and wondering when the singer/songwriter will realize she’s been in all along — that’s the fundamental irony, frustration and humor of many of our individual struggles.

Das ist komische.

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