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My fellow soccer fans, please let me know if I am wrong for thinking that 12 million pounds for Daniel Sturridge is pure British Player Tax — not to the extreme that Dalglish heaped on Charlie Adam, Stewart Downing, Jordan Henderson, and Andy Carroll, but still BPT nonetheless.

Chelsea are utterly bereft of striking skill. Surely if Sturridge had shown anything that demanded he be played in front of Fernando Torres, he would have done so already. He is certainly a young talent and useful, but am I wrong in thinking he is not 12 million pounds useful? Or is this what Liverpool have to pay at a minimum in order to ease the striker burden?

(via Chelsea poised to sell Daniel Sturridge to Liverpool in January | Football | The Guardian)


Hey Chelsea fans, meet your new caretaker manager, maybe? Or so sayeth the rumors in certain segments of the British press following a 3-nil beating at the hands of Juventus that pretty much has the title holders facing elimination from the Champions League group stages. If this actually does come to pass, maybe he can make Fernando Torres work again.

I didn’t mean to re-blog myself but now that I have I’ll just say that if Chelsea takes Rafa — please do, so we Liverpool fans don’t have to hear about how much he wants to come back to us any more.

Liverpool transfer news: Daniel Sturridge of Chelsea is a target and Charlie Adam and Stewart Downing could be sold to raise funds - Mirror Online

Several reasons why the Mirror is throwing shit to the wall and seeing if it sticks:

  • Romelu Lukaku is on loan at West Brom. Sturridge is one of two recognized strikers in the squad, the other being Fernando Torres. Ask a Chelsea fan if s/he wants Torres to be the only forward on the roster with the transfer deadline this week.
  • If Brendan Rodgers thinks he’ll get 15 million pounds from the sales of Charlie Adam and Stewart Downing combined, he’s crazy.
  • Given some of Sturridge’s brain locks last season (Chelsea fans I follow on Twitter would get livid with his ball-hogging), I doubt he’d play well with Luis Suarez. 
  • Clint Dempsey would probably be a better fit with this LFC team in a starting XI.
  • Even if Sturridge was sold and Chelsea money-whipped Hulk or Edinson Cavani in, they’d need another striker.

This is so not happening.

I dislike Chelsea FC and I always will. However, I will give them credit for a monumental effort that earned them a trip to Munich for the Champions League final. The fact that John Terry confirmed his stupidity by kneeing Alexis Sanchez in the back and pretended like he did nothing while being sent off makes it easier to deal with since he won’t play in the final.

Chelsea, you’re a whole lot more likable without EBJT.

Chelsea part company with manager André Villas-Boas | Football |

You cannot sack five managers in less than as many years and be a consistent winner. It empowers players who should be slowly guided out of regular first team play into squad complements to act like they run the show — and it’s clear they do at Chelsea.

John Terry for player-manager. Maybe then Abramovich will understand what his itchy trigger finger has enabled.

evaluating the probable Top 6 battle 3 weeks in.

Man U and Citeh are going to be in a quality dogfight for the top two spots; I still believe United probably prevails. Here’s an honest assessment of where the others are:

  • Chelsea: It’s a touch worrying to see them not thrashing teams they normally would. Norwich owned a lot of that game today. Chalk it up to Villas Boas figuring out where the pieces have to go. But Blues fans should be looking up because Juan Mata is quality and his second half sub was nothing but. That’s the kind of player that’s necessary for an automatic CL group stage slot fight. 
  • Arsenal: I’m not as gloom-and-doom as Gunner supporters are right now. Wenger will find a way out of this and at least make the fight for a CL spots respectable. He may not get it, but I think any predictions of 7th or below are premature.
  • Spurs: Who’s gonna score goals for them? Modric may not be there past next week, who knows?
  • Liverpool: I still think Carragher’s past it. That silly mistake in stoppage time cost a clean sheet. It’s good that Sebastian Coates is on the way; Carragher has gone from “crafty veteran” to “old” and Agger’s health can always be an issue. It looks like Dalglish will need every one of those midfielders, and I hope Martin Kelly’s hamstring injury isn’t serious. Defending will be the problem.

Still gonna say Liverpool & Chelsea for the two CL spots behind the Manchester squads, but I’m not confident in the order any more.


Andre Villas Boas, the new manager of Chelsea FC.

and ex-manager in two seasons when he doesn’t win the CL and England’s Brave and Loyal (Yet Washed Up) John Terry undermines him before AVB can sell him off.

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We’ve seen the shirt picture here on tumblr, but here’s Chelsea new away kit being modeled by Kalou and Lampard. PS: It still looks awful. I sure hope those are solar panels that recharge the players at moments needed.

I sure hope the third kit will look better than this if there is any. Rubbish.

if it’s a Chelsea away kit it’s gonna look like shite. That’s just how it is now. What neon horror can we expect for the third kit? Hopefully something that makes Everton’s highlighter pink look like child’s play.

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If the Guardian is even remotely accurate this is a terrible idea to everyone except Spartak London haters like yours truly, and another reason why Chelsea will not win a Champions League trophy in their current form. The club does owe much, if not all, of its recent success to the money put in by owner Roman Abramovitch, but his roster meddling leaves managers with parts that don’t fit.

Ancelotti may have been publicly pleased to have Fernando Torres in his squad, but it’s been a move that basically put the entire squad out of the formation that works for it.

(via Carlo Ancelotti set to leave Chelsea at the season’s end | Football | The Guardian)

one more time, with feeling!

jbowesmusic replied to your photo: The return of Fernando Torres to goal-scoring form…

Die. Die die die die die.

Fuck off Chelsea FC,
You ain’t got no history,
Five European Cups and 18 leagues,
That’s what we call history…

Yes, I am rubbing it in and I’ll probably pay for it later. We haven’t had that many good moments this season. I want to enjoy it.

El Nino is back.

1-0 L’Pool after Fernando Torres gets off the schneid and puts one past Petr Cech, with some brilliant service from the best crap footballer in the world, Dirk Kuyt.

His Armband proved he was a red,
Torres! Torres!
You’ll Never Walk Alone it said,
Torres! Torres!
We bought the lad from sunny Spain,
He gets the ball he scores again,
Fernando Torres!
Liverpool’s number 9!

Spartak London comes to Anfield today. Fuck off, Chelsea FC, you ain’t got no history!

(defiance in spite of rooting for a team that starts Lucas fucking Leiva and David Ngog…*sigh*)

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