The Third Shift

  1. In 1963, Martin Luther King was in the Birmingham jail because he was fighting to bring down the infrastructure of American apartheid. The odds weren’t much better than 2-1 that he would get out of that jail alive. This is certainly analogous to people padding through the carpeted halls of chancery buildings trying to find a way around the country’s anti-discrimination statutes so that the Presbyterian janitors in their hospitals would be forced to live under the same theologically inept regime that American Catholics have been ignoring for almost 50 years. Sitting in a cell, wondering if every turn of the key in the lock was the last one, is certainly exactly the same moral witness as sitting in your office, worrying your pectoral cross down to the nub because somewhere, somebody is having sex that may not “be open to the transmission of life.” Moreover, King was in the jail because, as part of his belief in non-violent protest, he had to be there. One of the essential elements of his strategy was to break the secular law and to accept the secular punishment. Now, I don’t think I have to explain in too much detail how, over the last five decades or so, accepting the secular punishment for breaking the secular law never has been high on the priority list for America’s Catholic bishops. Don’t believe me? Take it up with Bernard Cardinal Law there, who ran off to Rome to preside over the Basilica Of Our Lady Of The Clean Getaway….

    Charlie Pierce savages the U.S.’s bishops over their temerity to quote Martin Luther King, Jr. with no apparent thought of just how ridiculous it makes them look considering the worldwide Catholic Church’s cover-up of priestly pedophilia.

    Bishops Statement on Religious Liberty - The Clan of the Red Beanie Stalks MLK, Sanity - Esquire

  2. Leveling the equation.
(via Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal)

    Leveling the equation.

    (via Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal)