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The cat was not in my room while I slept so clearly I’m fighting ninjas in my dreams now. #GPOYW #scars

GPOYW. It’s been a long week and there are still two days to go.

Haven’t done one of these in a while.

GPOYW, New Favorite Hoodie Edition.

GPOYW, Winter Fedora Time.

GPOYW, Watching NBA With The Cat Edition.

GPOYW, Getting Colder in Portland Edition.

GPOYW, Election Day Booth Shot Edition.

GPOYW, Stache-o-ween Edition.

(As funny as it is, it’s going away tomorrow.)


Been awhile since I took one. Call it GPOYW, On Vacation, Watching The NLCS and Chillaxing Edition.

(And before you ask: yes, the Oktoberfest mug is in play again today.)

GPOYW, Last of My Twenties Edition. #GPOYW (Taken with Instagram)

GPOYW, Date Night Edition.

Alternately: Of Course I Have Two Bumps on My Forehead Edition.


Go Timbers, beat Chivas!

GPOYW, You’ll Never Walk Alone Edition. #GPOYW (Taken with Instagram at adidas Village)

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