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Manti Te'o's Dead Girlfriend, The Most Heartbreaking And Inspirational Story Of The College Football Season, Is A Hoax - Deadspin

Several itemized thoughts:

  1. You mean to tell me a series of press outlets didn’t even bother to call Stanford to see if Lennay Kekua existed, just for the sake of verification? That’s basic Journalism 101 shit.
  2. Well done to both Tim Burke and Jack Dickey — the latter being a senior in college. What were you doing when you were about to start your last semester? Shit.
  3. Seeing the notification “Manti Te’O’s Girlfriend Did Not Exist” from ESPN on my iPad is beyond surreal.
  5. Te’o is either very, very gullible or very, very closeted — and NFL teams who delve into his background for the combine will find out which one it is.
  6. This is the only story that could have blown Chip Kelly to the Eagles aside. All it needs is murder and you have a situation tailor-made for Lennie Briscoe, Mike Logan, and Jack McCoy. (Miss u, Law & Order.)
  7. No one will remember that Alabama won the BCS title unless you’re a Bama fan, because this will now be the subtext for the entire season.
  8. A rape scandal, a student cameraman dying, and a star linebacker quite possibly putting one over on the national media. This is not a good trend for Notre Dame.
  9. It is endlessly amusing to see writers for ESPN, SI, and the NYT wonder how the hell they didn’t do any sort of diligence and were made to look like lazy fools.
  10. John Skipper once said to a college class that Deadspin didn’t break news. I guess having to watch his anchors on SportsCenter cite Deadspin the whole time on this is the perfect crow for him to consume.
  11. The press conference with ND’s AD at 8 pm EST is now must-watch television.
  12. But really, you should read the article.

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