The Third Shift

  1. Morphine - All Your Way

    I run good but I’m hard to start
    And my brakes are bad so I’m hard to stop
    I found a woman who’s soft but she’s also hard
    While I slept she nailed down my heart

  2. theawl:

    Mark Sandman would have been 59 today.

    Morphine performing “Honey White.”

  3. Morphine, “You Speak My Language”

    All around the world, everywhere I go,
    No one understands me. No one knows what I’m trying to say.
    Even in my hometown, my friends make me write it down.
    They look at me when I talk to them and they shrug their shoulders
    And go “What’s he talkin’ about?”

    But you…you speak my language.

  4. Morphine, “Honey White”

    This will get your blood pumping. It’s Monday. Up and at ‘em.

  5. Morphine - “The Saddest Song”

    Possibly the most haunting band I’ve ever listened to, tied with the Cowboy Junkies.

    A crash in the night, two worlds collide.
    When two worlds collide, no one survives.
    The reddest of reds, bluest of blues
    As sad as the song I sing for you.
    My biggest fear is if I let you go
    You’ll come and get me in my sleep.