The Third Shift

  1. And what is going on in 2012? Our Sexiest Man is white. Straight. Ginormous. Frequently goateed. Wearing a white tank top in his cover photo. Yes, he can dance. But as a nation, we must ask: What is left of Channing Tatum’s sex appeal after the final strains of Ginuwine’s “Pony” recede? Buzzfeed has described Tatum as “a thumb” and “a gyrating human potato.” His sexy is bland. Traditional. Republican in a Democratic year.

    Slate, People Incorrectly Names Channing Tatum “Sexist Man Alive”, by Amanda Hess. (via isitscary)

    It’s People magazine we’re talking about here. Traditional & bland is what it does. It can neither be right nor wrong; all it needs to do with its choices are move copies off the newsstand. Hess is simply feeding the beast of reaction to the magazine’s choice, which is the whole darn point.

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