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The Afghan Whigs - Come See About Me (video) (by BeliNasti)

Smiles have all turned to tears.
Tears won’t wash away the fear
That you’re never, ever gonna turn
To ease the fire that within me burns.

I never really realized just how sad the lyrics were to this song because of the major key used in the Supremes’ recording. 

the sole complaint to register about last night’s show.

The merch table was just laughable.

I know this is a reunion tour and it’s an expensive one with six musicians in the band, but I refuse to pay $30 for a T-shirt or $60 for a hoodie — even if it sports my favorite band on it. 

And apparently Van Hunt had a merch person who was not at the table after his set ended — because the dude told me I had to wait for her to get back so I could buy a CD. I waited five minutes and went back to my girlfriend, and of course they were out of CDs after the show ended. Christ.

the Afghan Whigs’ set list by recording.

I can’t remember the exact order, so we’ll go by album:

  • Up In It: “Son of the South”
  • Congregation: “Conjure Me”
  • Gentlemen: “Gentlemen,” “Debonair,” “When We Two Parted,” “Fountain And Fairfax,” “What Jail Is Like”
  • Black Love: “Crime Scene Part One,” “My Enemy,” “Going To Town,” “Faded”
  • 1965: “Somethin’ Hot,” “Crazy,” “Uptown Again,” “66,” “Omerta,” “The Vampire Lanois”
  • Covers: “See But Don’t See,” “Lovecrimes”
  • Borrowed Bits From Other Songs: The Beatles’ “She Loves You” in “Omerta”; Prince’s “Purple Rain” in “Faded”

"Somethin’ Hot," "Omerta," and "The Vampire Lanois" were the encore songs.

I would have liked one more song from each of the first two albums, but it’s hard to quibble with that set list.

assorted, paraphrased witticisms and stage banter from Greg Dulli.

  • During the opening to “Crime Scene Part One”: “Hey, you two — get the fuck away from each other. You go to that side, you go to that side. I will stop this song if there’s any fighting.”
  • "I’ve been in Portland for the last two days. I’ve been coming here for 25 years. I was at a Whole Foods in the Pearl [District] yesterday. There didn’t used to be a Whole Foods in the Pearl."
  • Before “Conjure Me”: This one goes back to the Satyricon days.” (Satyricon was a venerable, scuzzy rock club where everyone who was anyone in alt-rock in the late 80s-early 90s played — it was demolished two years ago.)
  • "I know you all have paid to see this because I’m a neurotic motherfucker. There’s a serious voyeurism thing going on here. That’s the show you want to see. I get that."
  • "Cully [Symington, drummer]: drop the big one on ‘em."
  • Before “When We Two Parted”: “If you’re with the one you love tonight, hold her close for this song and don’t let her go.” 
  •  ”Who the fuck fights during ‘Faded’?” (He then stopped the song, went down and confronted the guys, walked back on stage, and started again.)
  • During “Omerta”: “Brothers, does she love you? [Dudes: “Yeah, yeah, yeah!”] Sisters, does he love you? [Ladies: “Yeah, yeah, yeah!”] Well, sisters, if he doesn’t love you, come and meet me backstage!”

(Did the best I could for accuracy from memory.)

John Curley, holding down the low end with some of the most thunderous rumble I’ve ever heard out of a Rickenbacker bass.

Rick McCollum and Dave Rosser. There are few things like listening to them recreate the multi-tracked slide guitar parts McCollum put on records in a live setting.

Here’s another Dulli shot for you.

Greg Dulli, getting his stroll on. (at Wonder Ballroom)

Afghan Whigs tickets arrived! November 2nd can’t come soon enough.

bought two tickets to the Afghan Whigs at the Wonder Ballroom on November 2nd.


(they broke up six months after I’d heard of them, which was after 1965 was released.)

Afghan Whigs Reunite for First Shows in 13 Years, Playing ATP Fests |

I think I need to get myself to Asbury Park next September, don’t I?

The Afghan Whigs, “Somethin’ Hot”

One of three entries I’m doing for today’s themesong of “sex scene.”

Baby, you don’t know
Just how I lie awake
And dream awhile about your smile
And the way you make your ass shake.

The Afghan Whigs with Marcy Mays, “My Curse”

Hurt me, baby.
I flinch so when you do.
Your kisses scourge me.
Hyssop in your perfume.

Oh, I do not fear you.
And “slave” I only use
As a word to describe
The special way I feel for you.

For today’s themesong of “angels and devils,” because it’s a song so much about Greg Dulli’s Catholic guilt/sex/love/complex that he couldn’t even bear to sing it on record — there is something divine and hellish there. Dulli couldn’t front his indie rock lothario act with this one, so he asked Scrawl’s Marcy Mays to sing it for him. Dulli would sing it live at times, but all those performances sound wrong.  Asking a woman to sing it lent these self-loathing and domineering, ugly feelings beauty.

Afghan Whigs with Marcy Mays, “My Curse” (live at the Reading Festival, it appears)

Hurt me, baby.
I flinch so when you do.
Your kisses scourge me.
Hyssop in your perfume.

Oh, I do not fear you,
And “slave” I only use
As a word to describe
The special way I feel for you.

Greg Dulli wrote this song but couldn’t sing it in the studio, so he recruited Mays (of Scrawl) to do it. He’s sung it live, but as someone who loves just about everything the man’s done, I hope he doesn’t any more.

This will blast that Katy Perry right out. I don’t recognize Jon Stewart without any gray hair.

I waited for the joke.
It never did arrive.
And words I thought I’d choke
I hardly recognize.

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