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“I suppose it’s possible this is part of some other, thematically different Under Armour ad that was mostly left on the cutting-room floor. But I’m putting it at even-money that Bryce Harper actually powerlifts shirtless in the dark wearing glow-in-the-dark neon-green socks, and insisted Under Armour show him as such in the commercial.”


that’s some clown workout gear, bro.

Bryce Harper Conservative Hero Column - Our Athletes Are Not Meant to Fit Our Ideologies - Esquire

Charlie Pierce tears a piece in Tucker Carlson’s vanity project trying to link Bryce Harper to conservatism a new one.




Do not run on Rick Ankiel.

(h/t justamanandhisblog)

My mother ran on Rick Ankiel’s arm once.


This non-double play event is more exciting than anything we saw in person on Friday night.

That being said, holy balls that’s a throw.

Now I get it. 90 feet to home plate was just too short of a distance. 

His arm wanted to be a cannon all along.

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