The Third Shift

  1. acmesalesrep replied to your link: Joe Posnanski at the Olympics – NBC Is Ignoring Twitter Diehards — And Rightfully So

    Actually, CTV’s a private broadcaster. CBC’s public, but the current government has a hate-on for it—the usual “conservative” dislike of public institutions and actual journalism, coupled with campaign donations from our media corporations.

    Corrected and noted. CTV’s coverage as a private entity makes NBC look even worse.

  2. acmesalesrep replied to your photo: Dinner from a cart. (Taken with Instagram)

    Nothing wrong with that. Other than the dearth of food carts on my walk home, that is.

    Food carts will be the death of me.

    Context: I’d gone downtown to see a movie and it was the first pod that a) had something that looked good and b) took a debit card. It’s very weird to see an Egyptian cart approximate a gyro but it was very tasty. Lighter, cooler, less spicy yogurt on a hot day.

    geocoordinates replied to your photo: Dinner from a cart. (Taken with Instagram)

    Why oh why do I have to be on a diet. That looks scrumptious

    It was…refreshing, mostly because the sauce was cool instead of spicy.

    And I really should be on a better diet.

  3. acmesalesrep replied to your post: I just shaved off my beard for a Halloween costume tomorrow that may or may not happen.

    Now that you’re clean-shaven: Dare you to do Movember.

    My mustache alone is barely better than Derek Holland’s. 

  4. acmesalesrep replied to your post: resolved: in the next month I’ll be ditching my Too Big To Fail financial institution.

    In Canada, at least, you can get a Costco-branded Amex for the same cost as either the Amex card or the Costco membership by itself, and it includes a cash-back deal. Worth considering if the Costco membership is of interest.

    I have a Costco membership already. Forgot about that. You can get one here in the States too.

  5. I don’t have to do a thing.

    acmesalesrep replied to your post: it was a nice 6.5 year run.

    Quick! Send the e-mail!

    The desk person’s supposed to notify management that I’m out sick. So I don’t have to do a thing. I did send my supervisor an e-mail right after I called saying I’d be out (she knew I wasn’t well.)