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I think the one thing we can agree on about the Petraeus scandal is that it’s hilarious: anonymous Gmail address, FBI agent who sent shirtless photos of himself to Jill Kelley, whom Paula Broadwell apparently sent threatening e-mails to (which started the FBI investigation), and Gen. John Allen apparently sending tens of thousands of dodgy emails to Kelley.

Of course, there is all the double entendre now swept up in Broadwell and her book, but methinks a TV station should probably do a double check when grabbing the cover of All In off the interwebs. (Video here.)

Via Americablog.

Now none of the brothers Gibb died of intestinal or colon cancer, but this slip-up would have made it funnier if they had.

N.B. CANCER IS NO LAUGHING MATTER (although I did crack a lame “Stayin’ Alive” joke today, so I’m just gonna slink off to the corner.)

(via The Gibb Brother Who Wasn’t In The Bee Gees Died Years Ago Of “Fart Failure,” Reporter Says [Video])

It’s like Romney’s shoes are made of delicious milk chocolate or something.

Comcast’s info guide is clearly weighing in on teams it believes are bound for relegation. Man, Wolves and Swans can’t get no respect.

I ran a bit of this video this morning and died laughing while I was writing the story.

(via TVSpy.)

Looks like someone at Boston’s ABC station didn’t run a check before writing up that chyron for the Berba.

(Via the Fiver.)

The producer or chyron person at CNN is going to get SUCH a talking-to on Monday.

(via SB Nation)

To be fair to the Fox News producer, it’s increasingly hard to tell the real Sarah Palin from Tina Fey’s impersonation. The Singularity is upon us.

(via Gaffe Of The Day - The Dish | By Andrew Sullivan - The Daily Beast)

Oh, accidental weather pattern cock.

(Just watch the clip: you’ll bust a gut at the end of it.)

We ain’t in Havana, baby.

(If there’s anything broadcast newsfolk know is ripe for unintentional comedy, it’s filling out graphics, whether you call ‘em CGs, fonts, or chyrons.)

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