The Third Shift

A vagabond who's made his home in the Pacific Northwest.

Feeding time! #cats #Charlie #Ginger

Charlie’s found a new place to camp in 95 degree heat. #cats

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Stretch time!



Charlie’s new favorite activity: light chasing.

(I need to vacuum all that cat hair.)


The 12 Cats of the Zodiac

July 23 - August 22: Leo Cats are extremely honorable and dignified. For a cat, I guess this means that they are maybe slightly less likely to lick themselves in public. If you are a Leo Cat, you’re pretty happy being the center of attention, unless there’s a sunbeam somewhere that requires your royal person to be asleep in it.


Cat on a perch.


Charlie is a fan of the “do nothing” day.

Champions League viewing partner.

I feel bad that I’m going to have to get up and leave at some point.

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