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A Florida prosecutor filed a murder charge on Wednesday against the neighborhood watch volunteer who shot and killed unarmed, black teenager Trayvon Martin in a case that has captivated the United States and prompted civil rights demonstrations.

George Zimmerman, 28, was arrested and charged with second-degree murder in the death of 17-year-old Martin, according to Angela Corey, the special prosecutor appointed by Florida’s governor to investigate the racially charged case.

Corey said at a news conference on Wednesday that Zimmerman turned himself in to authorities, who then arrested him. He remains in police custody.

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Nearly two months later is better than nothing. I’m more interested in what happens to the law enforcement apparatus that botched basic procedure in Sanford.

Dear mainstream media: stop abbreviating Dominique Strauss-Kahn as “DSK.” He’s charged with raping a woman and is currently whooping it up inside a multi-million dollar building. Calling him “DSK” — I don’t give a fuck if that’s what they do in France — cutes things up a bit, in a shorthand sort of way. He’s a rapist, and he should be referred to by his full name. Like we do for Jared Lee Loughner. Or Lee Harvey Oswald. Let’s save the initials for those worthy of them, like JFK or MLK. Dominique Strauss-Kahn raped a woman. The least you can do is make sure your viewers and readers know exactly what his name is.

I do find this kind of curious when it’s spoken on air. You can slug the story “DSK” because a slug in a TV news rundown is supposed to be short and to the point, but it’s more than a bit inappropriate to actually say on air, in terms of both the seriousness of the charges and actual journalistic propriety. However, let’s not forget: this happened in New York, and like anything that attracts the attention of the New York Post and Daily News first, it’s going to be tabloidized more than a bit.

Also, more allegedly, despite the evidence against him growing by the day. (I was typing out “mounting” at first, but we all know how that looks.)

A curiosity, though: has anyone written or said Jared Lee Loughner? I certainly don’t recall it in any scripts I’ve written since the Tuscon massacre.

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