The Third Shift

  1. DeAndre Jordan murdered Brandon Knight. Everyone saw it. Even Jordan made a face at what he’d done.

    DeAndre Jordan Monster-Alley Oop Over Brandon Knight (Mar 10 2013) (by Maxa711Clips)

  2. I know this is two days late, but I’m still watching this otter dunk on a loop.

    Sea Otter Hoop Dreams (by Oregon Zoo)

  3. Excuse him while he kisses the sky. That was just pure filth.

    Russell Westbrook throws down on the Sacramento Kings (by dailythunder)

  4. Jeremy Lin just did John Wall something dirty in D.C. on the way to making the Knicks relevant. (You can talk all about Amar’e and Melo you want, but without a decent point guard, they ain’t shit.) That said, we are talking about some bad teams Lin has devastated. Let’s see how he does against better competition. For now: embrace the Linsanity.