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Landry Fields and Jeremy Lin’s new handshake: skimming through book, taking off glasses, then placing inside pocket protector.

Note: Landry Fields graduated from Stanford, Lin from Harvard. Way to set the bar super high for all Asian parents, Jeremy.


keepin’ it real dorky.

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Bite my shiny metal ass.

(via Futurama Alignment Chart [PIC])

grammar snobbery runs in families. We are the few, the proud, the constantly appalled at everyone else.

  • ESPN sideline reporter: Boise State will have three less scholarships...
  • me & mom, simultaneously: FEWER.

Tumblr Android app verdict.


The rest of it seems nice and functional. However, getting a force close when I try to post a picture is incredibly annoying and defeats most of the app’s purpose for me.

Please, oh please be true. If this thing comes with stock Android 4.0 and has 4G capability, it’s my new phone when my upgrade kicks in come November.

(via Verizon Wireless exclusively launching Samsung DROID Prime in October)



Insert your preferred joke about pushing buttons here.

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This is why I’m waiting for the holiday season to buy a new cell phone. Just the thought of an Android 4.0 phone without a manufacturer’s BS skins on it makes me salivate.

(via Google’s first Ice Cream Sandwich phone to be manufactured by Samsung, possibly dubbed ‘Nexus Prime’)

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