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Yeah, you guys do a lot of shady ish.

I feel dirty for laughing.

Still, well played.


I guess it’s my fault for assuming I was anything more than a glorified dipping sauce to you people….

Shouts & Murmurs -  The Cranberry Sauce has Something to Say:

Photograph by Lew Robertson/Getty.

I think the one thing we can agree on about the Petraeus scandal is that it’s hilarious: anonymous Gmail address, FBI agent who sent shirtless photos of himself to Jill Kelley, whom Paula Broadwell apparently sent threatening e-mails to (which started the FBI investigation), and Gen. John Allen apparently sending tens of thousands of dodgy emails to Kelley.

Of course, there is all the double entendre now swept up in Broadwell and her book, but methinks a TV station should probably do a double check when grabbing the cover of All In off the interwebs. (Video here.)

Via Americablog.

For my fellow Scrabble & Words With Friends nerds: “With Or Without U.”

The secretly best part is how the bass player isn’t even trying to look like he’s faking it.

The best part, as usual, is the text you get when your cursor hovers over the comic:

"I would subscribe to a Twitter feed that provided you with one reasonable sports opinion per day, like ‘the Red Sox can’t make the playoffs (championship game), but in last night’s game their win seriously damaged the chances of the Yankees (longstanding rival team)."

(via xkcd: Sports Cheat Sheet)

One of the primo quotes from Nick Offerman’s AMA on Reddit. My other favorite:

Tyler182: How much can your mustache bench press?
Nick Offerman: 114 lbs. of wife.

(via UPROXX)

Now none of the brothers Gibb died of intestinal or colon cancer, but this slip-up would have made it funnier if they had.

N.B. CANCER IS NO LAUGHING MATTER (although I did crack a lame “Stayin’ Alive” joke today, so I’m just gonna slink off to the corner.)

(via The Gibb Brother Who Wasn’t In The Bee Gees Died Years Ago Of “Fart Failure,” Reporter Says [Video])

Keep trollin’ hard, L.A. Kings. Context at L.A. Observed. You should probably follow the team on Twitter even if you don’t like hockey because the PR folks behind it are funny and tweet like actual people instead of PR bots.

(via LA Kings Infographic - Los Angeles Kings | News)

Hrm. Yes please, as long as she’s over 18.

well played.

Do click through because this gets even better with the text you get when you hover over the image, as all xkcd comics do.

(via xkcd)

"We are now studying the early field recordings of an assembler of material known solely as ‘Lil’ Jon.’ We feel unlocking the significance of this song comes down to what he and his ‘East Side Boyz’ really mean by the phrase ‘aw skeet skeet muthafucka.’"

(via Poorly Drawn Lines)

Have to admit that’s some good haterade.

(via UPROXX’s The ‘Girls’ Internet Backlash Has Officially Started)

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