The Third Shift

  1. while grabbing Charmin off the shelf at the grocery store.

    • R:
      I've noticed you like the expensive stuff.

    • me:
      Life's too short for single-ply.

  2. World Cup bracket names.

    One of my friends from college is starting up a WC pool with a $10 buy-in. I went with the easy, but reliable “The Joy of Cesc” for a name. The problem is that I have so many others that deserve a place in a WC bracket somewhere. I may use one of the below for a work bracket, but feel free to pick your favorite if you find any of them funny.

    • Ruud Behavior
    • John Terry’s Wingman
    • Team Wayne Bridge
    • Cry Me a Rio
    • Vuvuzela Up Your Arse
    • Benedict Rossi
    • Maradona’s Little Helpers
    • Domenech’s Tarot Reader
    • Kuyt Flyers
    • Pure Kaka
    • Get Loew (I wish I remembered the combination for the umlaut in Windows)
    • Never Mind the Ballacks…
    • …Here’s the Cesc Pistols (I would have combined the previous two if character length would allow)
    • On the Lahm (German names are really good for this)
    • Tora! Tora! Torres! (hope he plays, I’m betting on Spain winning)
    • Angel Food Landycake
    • Jozy & the Pussycats
    • Lucio e Limpo
    • Workin’ die Mannschaft

    Yeah, some of these are way too pun-based, but still.