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This fucking butt baby pays to have a card made then goes out and buys himself dinner. He then eats his food (no doubt with a raging boner the entire time) knowing full well at the end he is going to leave this dick smell of a card for the person who served him instead of a tip. What a load of cock dust. 

First of all, Prop 30 is a California state proposition to help fund schools. It has nothing to do with Obama. Regardless, it also only affects those who make $250k or more a year. Yet this walking talking flacid dick still leaves it. 

I’ll tell you what, I don’t think I like this guy. 

if he needs to cut back, then maybe you don’t go out to dinner or have the cards made to leave for people. if you’re gonna go this far to make a point — having the cards made, spending money on a meal out — well, then you do have the cash to tip and you’re just an asshole.

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I guess it’s my fault for assuming I was anything more than a glorified dipping sauce to you people….

Shouts & Murmurs -  The Cranberry Sauce has Something to Say:

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Cartoon of the night by Benjamin Schwartz. For more:

Toot toot.

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Running and Farting……Only a Baby Elephant Could Make It SO Funny and Cute! (by julieamaycock)

Schwarzenegger, USC form policy think tank - LA Observed

LULZ at the Gropinator having anything to do with pretension of serious political policy scholarship!

Nyan Waits (by kjw5066)


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Church of Captain Kidd, Orthodox.

Man, the interwebs are really on a roll tonight.

You began, spectacularly enough, with the excellent “Bottle Rocket”, a film we consider to be your finest work to date. No doubt others would agree that the striking originality of your premise and vision was most effective in this seminal work. Subsequent films - “Rushmore”, “The Royal Tenenbaums”, “The Life Aquatic” - have been good fun but somewhat disappointing - perhaps increasingly so. These follow-ups have all concerned themselves with the theme we like to call “the enervated family of origin”©, from which springs diverse subplots also largely concerned with the failure to fulfill early promise. Again, each film increasingly relies on eccentric visual detail, period wardrobe, idiosyncratic and overwrought set design, and music supervision that leans heavily on somewhat obscure 60’s “British Invasion” tracks a-jangle with twelve-string guitars, harpsichords and mandolins. The company of players, while excellent, retains pretty much the same tone and function from film to film. Indeed, you must be aware that your career as an auteur is mirrored in the lives of your beloved characters as they struggle in vain to duplicate early glories.

— Remember when Steely Dan wrote Wes Anderson a letter and it was glorious? I forgot that Steely Dan and I are totally on the same page when it comes to Wes Anderson preferences. They are also extremely astute writers, particularly on the topic of film. (via elisabethdonnelly)

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