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Above: the first tweet from the official account for the Portland Trail Blazers.

Below: the response to Deadspin when it posted said tweet in the #firsttweet trend today.

Well played, anonymous Blazers PR person. Well played.

DeAndre Jordan murdered Brandon Knight. Everyone saw it. Even Jordan made a face at what he’d done.

DeAndre Jordan Monster-Alley Oop Over Brandon Knight (Mar 10 2013) (by Maxa711Clips)

And lo, this young man discovers he likes the ladies at the Wizards-Hawks game because DAT ASS. Even better: this is reportedly the younger brother of Hawks center Al Horford.

UCLA's Shabazz Muhammad Ineligible As NCAA Investigates Possible Infractions -

And yet more bullshit thanks to David Stern’s NBA age minimum. The NBA needs to get off the pot. Either turn the D-League into a legitimate minor league and put the money behind it to create stars at its levels or get rid of the minimum.

It is incredible that an NBA owner, albeit a highly engaged one like Mark Cuban, can do a better job of analyzing pro basketball than people paid by the biggest media presence in the world of sports. Yes, destroying Skip Bayless is easy and welcome, but this should be more revealing to ESPN than anything else about its formulas and cadre of paid analysts.

(via The Big Lead)

Russell, coral pants are not a bad idea in and of themselves. They’re certainly better than that fishing lure shirt you wore after a presser earlier in the playoffs. But coral pants with cargo pockets? NO. TAKE THAT RIGHT BACK TO WHEREVER YOU BOUGHT THEM.

Also, nicer shoes, please. You don’t wear coral pants with straight up black sneakers. Either wear sneakers that go with the shirt or put on a nice pair of dress shoes.

(via the Big Lead)

in this year’s NBA Finals, we are Team LeBron.

We apologize to all Cleveland fans who are still hurting as well as the individual players on the Thunder and their fans, but LeBron being a dick while exercising his free agent rights strikes me as a much, much lesser sin as opposed to David Stern doing absolutely nothing to stop Clay Bennett and Co. from outright lying to Seattle about trying to make it work and then snatching a team with four decades of history and dedicated fans from it.

Yes, I understand Seattle has some responsibility to play in the saga, but Stern played the role of neutral observer there yet several years later invoked the opaque “basketball reasons” to stop the trade of Chris Paul to the Los Angeles Lakers. If there ever had been a “good of the game” or “basketball reasons” to intervene, it was on the shameless and transparent lifting of the Seattle SuperSonics to Oklahoma City. We hear plenty of narrative about the mercenary nature of the Heat’s current construction and how OKC’s management built the team “the right way” — but that right way omits that it was done on the back of a franchise that had its heart ripped out.


(P.S. The real crux of it is that I’m not even that crazy about Seattle. I just think that a city finally saying “No, we will not publicly finance a new arena when there is a perfectly good and functional one there” is worth celebrating and the NBA should learn a lesson about it.)

Gregg Popovich, facepalming.

Wesley Morris explains perfectly what it means to see Craig Sager’s sideline fashion and think that it works even though it’s hideous.

(via Craig Sager’s Suits and Sideline Sartorial Disasters - Grantland)

Before Steve Kerr Sends 19-Year-Old Players Back To College, He Should Try Some Academic Research Himself - Deadspin

Timothy Burke destroys Steve Kerr’s fallacy of a column with actual data (as opposed to my merely going over the numerous fallacies Kerr ignored.)

Steve Kerr on the problems with the age limit in the NBA - Grantland

There is so much wrong with Kerr’s analysis because he comes at it from a fundamentally flawed perspective: the one that is ultimately “what’s best for the NBA?” We should expect this from a former NBA GM and current analyst (and if rumor is to be believed, wants coach and GM titles the next time he returns to an organization.)

The real question that needs to be addressed when we talk about increasing the NBA age minimum is why professional athletes are being made to sit in the collegiate pipeline. You can say they can go abroad, play in the D-League, but we all know that for all the work of NBA scouting departments, the eyeballs and draws are in college hoops.

Footnotes 3 and 4 illustrate Kerr’s lack of facility with this argument, because 3 is all about how he cannot identify with freshmen whose lives are affected by a higher age minimum — he’s white, 6’3”, well-off, and not as skilled as an Anthony Davis, Kyrie Irving, LeBron James, or Kobe Bryant, and goes on to talk about how those were great years for him at Arizona. Poverty and a need to make money do not register for him.

(Never mind his comparison arguments for Kobe, Garnett, LeBron, and Dwight Howard going to college. Part of Kobe’s legacy is being drafted by Charlotte and shipped to L.A. right out of high school, because if he’d gone to Duke for two years to play under Coach K, he’d have been a star but he probably wouldn’t have been able to develop under the watch of Phil Jackson into that kind of title-winning guard.)

Footnote 4 is basically excusing the legal and moral argument because the NBA is a business. Yes it is: one with an anti-trust exemption, a cartel, and for those advantages it should be held to higher standards since it has no competition and wields a weak and underdeveloped minor league (the D-League.)

The NBA should invest real money into the D-League and stop relying on college hoops to make its stars. Institute an MLB/NHL-style rule into the draft: if you declare and are drafted, you can go to the D-League or go play a few years in college.

Atlanta, we have a problem (this happened at the Celtics-Hawks game earlier this week.)

Via SB Nation.


He did it again.  #PhotoBosh’d


Understood, Russell.

(And mostly justified. Without Harden on the floor, Westbrook has to take those shots when Durant’s not getting open.)

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