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Hey Chelsea fans, meet your new caretaker manager, maybe? Or so sayeth the rumors in certain segments of the British press following a 3-nil beating at the hands of Juventus that pretty much has the title holders facing elimination from the Champions League group stages. If this actually does come to pass, maybe he can make Fernando Torres work again.

I didn’t mean to re-blog myself but now that I have I’ll just say that if Chelsea takes Rafa — please do, so we Liverpool fans don’t have to hear about how much he wants to come back to us any more.

Liverpool transfer news: Daniel Sturridge of Chelsea is a target and Charlie Adam and Stewart Downing could be sold to raise funds - Mirror Online

Several reasons why the Mirror is throwing shit to the wall and seeing if it sticks:

  • Romelu Lukaku is on loan at West Brom. Sturridge is one of two recognized strikers in the squad, the other being Fernando Torres. Ask a Chelsea fan if s/he wants Torres to be the only forward on the roster with the transfer deadline this week.
  • If Brendan Rodgers thinks he’ll get 15 million pounds from the sales of Charlie Adam and Stewart Downing combined, he’s crazy.
  • Given some of Sturridge’s brain locks last season (Chelsea fans I follow on Twitter would get livid with his ball-hogging), I doubt he’d play well with Luis Suarez. 
  • Clint Dempsey would probably be a better fit with this LFC team in a starting XI.
  • Even if Sturridge was sold and Chelsea money-whipped Hulk or Edinson Cavani in, they’d need another striker.

This is so not happening.

My favorite USMNT player on my favorite EPL team?


(via Fulham to offer Clint Dempsey to Liverpool in bid for Andy Carroll | Football | The Guardian)

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